Rostyslaw Lewyckyj schrieb:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Rostyslaw Lewyckyj schrieb:
Win 98se, SM 1.1.16

I would like to enter, store, and use URIs such as
e.g. news://
in my bookmarks file. Can this be done? , and if so, How?
The reason is that entering this in the URI window of
the browser, triggers a refresh of the available articles
list for the given newsgroup at the said server.
Have you tried opening the Bookmark Manager and entering it there via
the option to create a new bookmark?

Thank you very much. Yes that works.
I had previously tried  entering the URI in the URI field in the
browser, and then clicking bookmarks>  bookmark this page.
But that didn't work (for me).

This bookmarking of arbitrary URIs can also probably be useful
for local files, or ftp, etc.

You're welcome. :-)
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