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Old Netscape could stop animations in web pages with a click on the Stop 
Animation in Web
Pages line.
Does SM have anything like that?

Only in the preferences, not on a toolbar or pull-down context menu.

On the SeaMonkey menu bar, select [Edit>  Preferences].  On the
Preferences window, select [Privacy&  Security>  Images].

On the Images pane, there is a section "Animated images should loop".
Select either the Never or Once radio-button.

If you have the PrefBar extension installed, you can create a menulist
item on the PrefBar toolbar for the image.animation_mode preference
variable.  The values are normal, once, and never (just as for the radio
buttons).  However, I don't know if using this menulist will work on a
Web page that has already loaded and displayed.

I guess not. There's a checkbox called "Animation", too. It only works when the page is being reloaded after changing the state.

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