Rex's Mom wrote:
When last I posted, I was unable to play videos on SM 1.1.16, but here's
 an update.

Went to: and was ABLE to view the video

Went to: and, after signing in, was NOT
able to view the video.

This is becoming very frustrating as so many sites use flash to get one's attention even when it's not a video. So when I encounter the problem, I have to switch to Firefox.

Any help would be much appreciated. I do not want to transfer to FF because I do not have the time for the learning curve.

Thanks for the confirmations. Since a few things had happened at the time I loaded SM1.1.16, I re-thought the process. Started to fiddle with prefbar which had been updated at the same time and with the flashblock plug-in/add-on (not quite sure which it is) and lo and behold...a great light was seen and videos played!!!!

But, another related question which is mostly curiosity. Before the problem, when I tried to view a video, I usually got a circle with a right arrow (triangle on its side) and had to click on it to get the video to play. Now it plays automatically. Should I be concerned?


Rex's Mom

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