JR WG wrote:
> RE: When we need to truly instantly search our drive(s) for SeaMonkey and 
> other files...
> And you don't have a small footprint (344KB or so) HDD indexer tool to use 
> for the lightning-fast searches to locate directory(s), files, certain 
> suffixed or certain spelled files, parts of names, etc.
> Strongly suggest visit: http://www.voidtools.com/
> Search Everything (aka Everything to some) is phenomenal, well done, caring 
> programmer, NO ad-ware / nagware / nasties, and did I mention that it's still 
> no charge ?
> Currently in both installable and portable version:
> Everything- (334 KB)
> OR
> Everything- (portable, 272 KB)
> And SOMEWHERE, did I mention that it's still no charge, yet donations 
> accepted and the programmer deserves it.
> Joe
To ALL: Using the above mentioned program, I was able to find actually 5
Drafts file folders, including two .msf files! However, trying to use
Windows XP Search function, it said there were NO such files! Ridiculous
isn't it? In fact, Win XP Search fails to find most any file I ask for,
which makes no sense whatsoever! Now I know why I cannot find even the
Seamonkey Profile, Win XP refuses to admit it exists! Yet, I have a
fully functional Seamonkey program, it is beginning to dawn on me that
maybe Seamonkey or the Mozilla group could make a better Operating
System than anything MSFT could even dream of! Mr. Kaiser, has anyone on
your team even fantasized about doing so? Isn't there someway of
"Reverse engineering" Windows XP or whatever you wanted to base it on
and make a better and less vulnerable OS? :-)
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