On 05/17/09 17:52, Ken wrote:
> Ken here again, replying to Daniel and Mark.  No guys, that's not the 
> answer.
> First, what I'm talking about is this.  In your SM browser (mine is 
> version 1.1.16 - what's yours?), click on File and you will see Open Web 
> Location listed.  Click on that and you will get a box which lists URLs 
> of previous websites you have visited, in case you want to choose one of 
> them to revisit.  But there is no 'Clear List' button or similar.

That was *exactly* what I was talking about.

> Okay, I know about History.  I access it via Go in my SM browser.  And I 
> know how to clear its lists of sites.  Unfortunately, clearing History 
> does NOT clear the URLs listed under File/Open Web Location.
> So - anyone - what's my next move, please?

Including me? Try what I said. It worked for me (SeaMonkey 1.1.16).

> Thanks - Ken in Oz
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> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 05/17/09 17:16, Daniel wrote:
>>> Ken wrote:
>>>> Hi guys.  My SM's browser's 'Open Web Location' list of previous sites 
>>>> visited can be useful, but what if - for privacy's sake - I want to 
>>>> delete the items contained there?
>>>> Thanks - Ken in Oz
>>> Ken, I'm not familiar with the term "Open Web Locations", but I'm 
>> Ken,
>>   In SeaMonkey (browser), go to File -> Open Web Location.
>> FYI.
>>> guessing it's the list of locations in the drop down for the Location 
>>> bar. If so, I think it is called your "History" and it can be cleared by 
>>>   going to Edit->Preferences->Navigator->History and clicking on the 
>>> "Clear History" button on the right.
>> No, but the Clear Location Bar did it (for me, anyway).
>>> HTH
>>> Daniel.....also in Oz!
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