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I recently upgraded to 1.1.16. I have my email set up for three windows. Left side has the email and newsgroup listings. The top right has the list of downloaded emails or newsgroup files, and the bottom right window is the preview window. In all the other Seamonkey versions I've had, when I start my email up it loads and my main email Inbox is highlighted. Then my emails would start to download. However, now
when I start up my Seamonkey email it loads with only a left and
right window showing and the right window is blank?! When I then
click on my Inbox, everything loads and functions as before.

Any thoughts on why this is happening. I've checked my settings
and can't find anything different.



ST, I'm still using SM 1.1.15 and use the three-pane mail view, just as you do.

Lately, when I start SM, the mail page comes up with the left column and then the rest of the screen is blank......for a second or so, then the right hand part of the screen divide, top and bottom, and my mail is being downloaded.

I'm on dial-up, so I've let this delay go, whilst my computer is talking to my ISP's mail server. Are you on dial-up?? Maybe if you waited a little longer.....!!



Thanks for the reply Dan, but when my email first comes up I only get
the left and right windows and on the bottom bar it says 'done.' Nothing
more happens even if I wait until I actually click on my Inbox. Then it
goes to the three window view and all is well. Not a big deal I guess, but it's just an odd thing.

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