stan wrote:
I have justed moved and switched to Comcast. I can't sign on to Comcast even though it says you can use "unsupported browsers. I also am confused in that withj Time Warner Road Runner, I started up my computer and was automatically able to use mail and news groups (Road Runner gave me the Outgoing Server address et al. Don't know how this works in Comcast where I have to actaully go to the Comcast address to start up.

Can anyone using COMCAST clarify this for me? Why can't I logon? How do I send E-mail and news posts when I don't have the outgoing server addresses?


Incoming = (pop3) port 110
Outgoing = port 587 or 465(SSL)

Comcast dropped usenet service some time ago, so you will have to subscribe to one on your own.

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