dominique wrote:
I am curious about the archiving function available (or soon to be...) in SM2.0bpre (nightlies)... I have several IMAP and POP accounts, and I tried to play with it, but it seems still pretty much incomplete for the time being...

In which way?

Is there somewhere a list of features/ default setting / use for this?

Not really (outside the source code and Bugzilla).

Is there some missing UI (for the moment)

We have a menu item, context menu item and shortcut (Shift+A) in current nightlies (all implemented in bug 482458) in addition to the ability to set an Archive folder per account. Since we don't have mail header buttons, the only thing left is a customizable toolbar button (bug 495295). I only noticed two bugs until now: Archive subfolders aren't shown directly after their creation (bug 494266) and sometimes you might see an alert saying that the target folder is currently in use when archiving many messages at once (no bug filed yet).

Is it link to the tabbed mailnews interface to be landed soon ?

No, see above: the UI is already implemented.



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