Roger Fink wrote:
Charles Milton Ling wrote:
Charles Milton Ling wrote:

As some of you may know from previous threads, my SM is unfortunately
quite damaged.  You offered me many suggestions; perhaps I was too
stupid to use them correctly, perhaps they didn't work.

I now wonder if I could switch to FF and TB.  It seems I can import
all my SeaMonkey stuff very easily?  And I would still be a member
of the family, so to speak.

If there is anything I should be careful about when changing over,
please let me know.
There are so many knowledgeable and always helpful people here!

Best wishes,
Ah well, I just did it.  Seems to work just fine.

If you install Minimize-to-Tray for each of them, then it won't "feel" too
much different than SeaMonkey, especially if you use a theme common to both
of them.
Greetings to all,

Thanks, Roger!

(Now I just need to get my signature to work...)

Oh well,
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