Gianluca Turconi wrote:
> Hello *,
> OK, maybe it's a silly question, but I haven't found a way in
> Seamonkey
> 2.0a3 to keep the same zoom level (in my case 120% for both images and
> text) on every page forever or, at least, until I change it again.
> I've already set a minimum font size, but the new zoom feature is
> useful not to broke many web layouts.
> However, whenever I zoom in a page in SM and I open a tab by clicking
> a link on it or I close that page or the whole SM application, the
> zoom level goes back to 100%... :(
> It would be acceptable if SM worked like FF does, this is to say by
> keeping the same zoom level for the same domain. It's rather annoying
> to open several pages from the same web forum and being forced to
> change the zoom level *every* time.
> Any suggestions to point me to the right direction would be greatly
> appreciated.
> TIA,
> Gianluca
> P.S. Google Chrome works in the same way as SM and it's a pain when
> you use really wide displays. :((

This should solve it for you (it did for me). Be sure to set your
preferences in the No Squint options.

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