Martin Feitag wrote:
Broadback wrote:
I am using 1.1.6 with this version and previous the automatic mail read
seems hit and miss. I have 10 email addresses, when I start SM it always
reads some but it seems not others. The same happens on the scheduled
reads, I have found this out as I expected emails (plural) on a
particular address, but none arrived. I immediately opened that address
then used the "Get Msgs" button to find a number downloaded. This
happens quite frequently, any ideas please?

The scheduled fetching is being configured on a per-account-basis.
Make sure you have enabled the needed checkboxes in every account seperately.

Thanks Martin, I have checked and rechecked that, it puzzles me, the one that fails most often is the ninth in my list of ten.

Please reply to group,emails to designated
address are never read.
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