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I have an SATA Intel processor based mobile drive tray test computer which has worked fine with XP/Seamonkey 1.16 and Internet Explorer version 7 up until recently. The system is a pure research drive tray for other issues which have nothing to do with the Internet. It is a FP3 level drive. For 'research' purposes I chose to move to the Internet Explorer version 8.

Poof! After update and the 'included' fixpacks for IE 8 when I tried this last month, absolutely no way to even start Internet Explorer. It fails with some kind of inability to write to a memory location error and the program never opens. I let this coast through to this months critical second Tuesday fix releases, thinking that might help.

Nope. OK I removed the entire IE 8 application, tried re-install. No help. I removed this and went back to a 'clean' IE 7 install. No help. At this point I get the same error with IE 7 as well. Nothing I can do from what little I know about Windows will recover the Internet Explorer deal.

In this case the entire Seamonkey 1.16 level product still works fine for what I do with it in this research box. I still have all my address and URL codes, everything, as well as the Privoxy proxy server operations still running just fine with this mobile drive tray.

As noted in my footer, I'm a solid OS/2 operating site and think I'd be classified as a fairly competent tech person at this. But from 20+ intensive years experience at all this I assure you I understand that sometimes if you are very good at whatever you still get side flanked by things you don't understand, grin ..

Is Seamonkey being, in my opinion, unfairly of focus in this?  Thoughts?

If it's still working, why blame it for IE's faults? You might as well blame Corel Draw...

If I had to guess, I'd say IE wants to install to certain directories and doesn't like your setup. But that's a wild, uneducated guess. I'll let the experts take over from here.

P.S. I've got IE 8 running on my XP box, never had any trouble with it. It's an improvement over v. 7 IMHO, especially the search feature. FWIW.

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