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James wrote:

> I'm new here so I've missed all the other posts on this topic.

If you have a decent news reader (your headers don't show what program you're using, and giganews.com says they don't offer mozilla.support.seamonkey), nothing is lost -- the whole thread is there waiting for you to read. Just show the whole thread. I can't tell you how without knowing what program you're using.
What I use is Seamonkey 1.1.16. I don't seem to have any of the options below under "view" when I have the digest of this group open [as I do now]. The digest comes through as a single text file with all the messages of the day in it. Most of my email is Yahoo digests and one [and only one] of them comes through the same way. Is there a better way to read the group's posts?
In SeaMonkey (and previously in Mozilla), I normally use the settings
        View | Sort by | Order received, Ascending, Threaded
        View | Messages | All
        View | Threads | Threads with unread
but if I set it to
        View | Threads | All
it shows all messages, even those marked as read. That can be in the thousands, but active threads are at the bottom so they're easy to find.

> I did just have a problem: My credit union would not download my > banking data for Quicken. For some reason only the download page > would not show any options or data, while all the other pages worked > fine. I eventually found out that if I disable Adblock Plus for that
> page it works fine.
> > I also had to have Seamonkey opened as administrator in order for > ABP to install with Vista Home Basis 64 bit OS. And Seamonkey does > uninstall things like ABP when I upgrade.

I didn't have any trouble with inforss when I upgraded from Mozilla -- all my settings were preserved. So I don't know what "like ABP" means.
When I recently updated Seamonkey there was a note that all foreign [none-Mozilla] material would be eliminated, and it eliminated Adblock Plus [ABP]. I reinstalled it as I like it a lot. I'm not familiar with inforss although I see it in Google. I don't use any of the typical add-ons.

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