Had the same problem. Tried to reinstall 1.1.16 or 1.1.17 or Noscript or the night. With the same result.

All of the computer that I update with Microsoft update of this month, Noscrit isnt available anymore.

Is it possible that the problem is the Microsoft update?


TOM7601 wrote:
I upgraded to SeaMonkey 1.1.16 and tried to reinstall NoScript. The add-ons site as well as the NoScript homepage report it as v1.9.3.3. I restart SeaMonkey after a "successful" installation and NoScript doesn't show up in the status bar. I ran Extension Manager and it told me I had v1.9.2. I uninstalled it, restarted SeaMonkey and reinstalled (I thought) NoScript. It still didn't work and, once again, Extension Manager reported it as v1.9.2.

I've upgraded SeaMonkey before and had no problem reinstalling NoScript.

What am I doing wrong?
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