Michael McBroom wrote:

Hi, first post to the group.

I've been using Mozilla/Seamonkey's email editor for years. I just set it up on a new machine, switching over from a now-defunct one. I noticed a problem with moving/copying messages from one folder to another almost immediately. I've tried moving messages using the message filter tool, and also manually by both going through the menu options and by right-clicking on an individual message. Tried moving and copying, and neither works.

Also, although I was able to successfully download a batch of emails, I've discovered that the editor will not save a message to either the drafts or sent folder, and that a test email failed to be sent.

I've never run into this before, and I haven't much of a clue where the problem lies. Any ideas?

If the transfer was via CD-ROM, did you remember to clear the read-only attribute on all the files after the transfer?

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