Cecil Bankston wrote:
After installing 1.1.17 I installed the newest release version of NoScript to replace the version the SeaMonkey installation removed. The NoScript XPI announced a successful installation; but the NoScript icon and functions didn't appear after I restarted SeaMonkey. I then tried the developmental version of NoScript. It appeared to be blocking scripts; but instead of the usual NoScript icon at the bottom right of the SeaMonkey window I had a tan band that extended about 1 inch below the normal window border, containing only red ^ symbols on its left side. The band persisted when I reinstalled SeaMonkey. Is there any way to eliminate that band?
Problem solved! A revised version of NoScript was posted this afternoon after I sent the quoted message and sent a similar message to the NoScript support forum. The new version works and eliminates the extra band at the bottom of the SM window.
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