stan wrote:
I'm running Vista on a 64 bit machine. I just intalled 1.1.17 and after installation there were missing menu items at the left (File, Edit) and a message on the screen "XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Locaion: jar:resource:///chrome/messenger.jar!/content/messenger/start.xhtml
Line Number 54, Column 10:

There is also a space (about an inch high) at the bottom of every screen containing:
<broadcaster id="Comunicator:WorkMode"--^

I tried going back to 1.1.16 and that now does the same thing.

Also, none of my personal menu items work.

Everything has been working fine until I installed 1.1.17.


I decided to create a new profile. Picked a name and had to quite because I didn't have handy the server names for mail in and out. Switched back to my original profile and everything is working fine now.


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