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Unfortunately, Seamonkey on OSX won't import Outlook, probably because
Outlook is not installed in this OS.

correct ;-)

1. What is the best way to achieve my goal of moving my Outlook
information, files, mail, and folders to OSX on the MBP. The files are
already imported into Seamonkey on the Windows platform.

Why not move the seamonkey files then instead of the Outlook ones?

2. Can I import into Seamonkey on MS Windows and then move the
appropriate folders to OSX, installing them in the appropriate


3. Any suggestions as to the best way to proceed would be greatly

It should be able to do it the following way:
- Just fire up your Seamonkey on OSX, create your mail- and news-accounts as they were existing on Windows. - You now have a profile smilar to your old one but everything is default (e.g. bokmarks) or empty (e.g. inbox folders in mail etc.).
- Now close Seamonkey.
- Copy all your data from the windows profile into the OSX profile.
- Start Seamonkey again, all your data should be there.

I've never don this to move to MacOS, but I hope it works for moving to MacOS, too.

More information about Seamonkey profile:

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