One should also note that the Sun Java installer error is seen (at least until 
Sun staffers fix it and re-issue a 100% working installer) in XP SP1, SP2 level 
machines more than seen somewhat more rarely in SP3 level XP machines, and is 
very rarely seen in Vista machines.
Information and discussions with both MS insiders and InstallShield staffers so 
far brings more finger pointing than anything else, but again, IF you or other 
users see the problem, it appears to have an easy workaround:

The importance of mentioning all this in many Forums, SeaMonkey included, is 
that it affects most all updating Java users, or systems or applications that 
depend on Java for certain proper operations or browser or Email display, etc, 


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>From: James <>
>Subject: Re: Java JVM Ver6 Build 14 not run or install on SeaMonkey

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>I upgraded to the latest Java a few days ago and it did not work on SM 
>116.  Then I upgraded to SM 117 and now Java works fine.
>INFO WG wrote:
>> RE: Sun Java JVM Ver6 Build 14 not running / installing on SeaMonkey
>> Be advised that Sun has a major Installer problem on their hands with this 
>> JVM version, aka JRE update 14, aka . Seems to affect XP machines much more 
>> than Vista machines.
>> The problem has a GOOD EASY fix, so....
>> Some of the communications + fix RE: this problem is at:
>> as the problem affects the users, systems, and if you can't solve the 
>> Installer problem as above, the JVM is usually not installed at all and you 
>> are and will remain Java-less and SOL.
>> Joe

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