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SM 1.1.17, Win XP Pro SP3

I received several messages from a particular sender. When viewed in the in-box screen, the sender's text wrapped to form nice paragraphs. View message reveals that the original message is in plain text and not html.

But when I selected reply and opened the compose window, the original text was quoted as one line of text a mile (1.6 kilometers) long!

Is there some setting to force quoted text (or for that matter composed text) to wrap at 60 (72) characters?

As a first draft, yes: Edit | Rewrap in the composition window.

The setting for line length is at Edit | Mail & Newsgroups | Composition: Wrap plain text messages at nn characters.

But if the source is sloppy, the results may also be sloppy. For example, if paragraphs are not separated by an extra return (a blank line), SeaMonkey (like Mozilla before it) will wrap them together as one paragraph. Also, if the quote marks in the original are wrong, SeaMonkey (like Mozilla before it) doesn't think to correct them. Thus:
        >> This is a quoted reply that is
        > mismarked.
will be treated as two separate authors.

Often when you have a single long line with one quote mark, SeaMonkey (like Mozilla before it) will rewrap with one quote mark on the first line and leave the other lines unmarked. You can manually enter the quote marks and rewrap again, but it's an extra step.

And finally, some HTML mails will be treated as if they had returns after every line, so rewrapping will introduce extra blank lines within paragraphs:

        > This is an example
        > of what I'm talking about.

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