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zvn[]teq[7] wrote:
I've asked this before, but in 1.1.17 it seems to have gotten worse.
Message loading in the newsgroups take 2 to 2.5 times longer to load
than Thunderbird. Anyone else have this happening? Is there some
setting I may have screwed up with? I *REALLY* love Seamonkey's
browser (light as a feather and fast as lightening) but the Email/NG
client seems to be heavy as an Ox :/ Any help with this greatly
appreciated :)

Thanks in advance :)
oops I meant :slow message loading in NGs *and* Email

I can't confirm that with SM1.1.17, maybe you should try in a fresh profile and/or fresh seamonkey installation. ( I would try a second profile with the profile manager first)

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