TOM7601 wrote:
TOM7601 wrote:
SeaMonkey (both the browser and e-mail) randomly crashes with the error message that gkgfxwin.dll caused a fault and the program has to be shut down. Sometimes I can restart it, sometimes I get the error message just after it displays the splash screen. I tried installing a different version of gkgfxwin.dll and it just hangs on the splash screen; I assume it can't read the .dll file. I put back the original version and restarted Windows and it works again.

This started happening in SeaMonkey v1.1.16 after I had been using it for several weeks, so I upgraded to v1.1.17 but the problem persists.

I didn't find any other reports on the forum so have to assume it's something stupid I did to cause this.

Any ideas?

Windows XP Professional Media Center SP2
Pentium D 3.00 GHz
3.5 GB RAM

It has to be a Windows XP problem. Since I posted the above message I've gotten errors about ntdll.dll, js3250.dll, gklayout.dll, rdf.dll, and xpcom_core.dll.

In Internet Explorer I've seen errors involving mshtml.dll and jscript.dll.

Looks like it may be reinstall time.

He's back! A couple of years ago, my old computer started shutting down at odd times. I ran a stress test on my RAM and discovered a flaky RAM stick. About a year ago, I swapped RAM on my present HP Media Center computer going from 1.5Mb to 4Mb (Windows recognized somewhere around 3.5Mb). Anyway, when my present computer shut down a couple of times recently, I figured it was a video card problem, so I reseated the AGP card as well as the PCI cards. This morning I ran a RAM stress test which it promptly failed. I removed the offending stick and re-ran the test and it passed with flying colors.

I have the feeling that the problem has been flaky RAM the whole time.

A major DOH, and DUH on me... :>))
Tom - Vista, CA
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