I won't bore you with details, but a recommended computer "expert" screwed up my laptop in many ways.Due to Vista problems, he changed to Windows XP Pro.After his many errors, he told me that he does not have the patience to work with SeaMonkey.

I now have two problems that I really cannot solve by myself, running SM 1.1.17, Windows XP Pro. (In addition, the backup to an external hard drive stopped working, which was not obvious until Vista conked out and I tried restoring from the backup h.d..)

My SeaMonkey has very few bookmarks, probably originating with Microsoft. All my thousands of bookmarks are on my hard drive, but
1) They are in Firefox, not SeaMonkey.
2) They are in full printout form, and I need them in the usual hierarchical form with + and - signs.

How can I change their format and move them to their proper place in SeaMonkey? Simply dragging the icon over did not work.

My e-mail setup includes "inbox" and "local folders". Under inbox, my sent e-mails from 2007 to today are there. However, under local folders, the sent icon is absent, and this had my older sent e-mails copied over from my first laptop. These older sent e-mails are in fact on my hard drive, as I found them in a search. However, they too are in full printout form, and not the desired hierarchical form with + and - signs. I need help getting these old sent e-mails to their proper place in SeaMonkey and in the desired format.

In addition, my address book seems to be absent. Can anyone give me the name of the SeaMonkey folder or file in which the address book resides?

I am sorry for the long message, but I am having many problems that I cannot solve, and I have basically 12 years of my life in that laptop.

Thanks a lot in advance, for any help that anyone can give me.

Mort Linder
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