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I still can't find how to merge or sync the individual mail
messages from one mail folder to another.. Sync programs will merge
complete mail files of messages but not the individual mail
messages from one mail file to another.. For example, PC1 has 5
mail messages dated 7/1 while PC2 has 5 mail messages dated 7/2;
how do I sync so both PCs have 10 mail messages dated 7/1 & 7/2 ??

Uhoh, that will be more tricky. The "copying the profile"-approach
assumes that both machines are not running at the same time. It
assumes you copy your profile after finishing you work on one PC to
another one and vice versa.

Real synching is not possible that easy. I have to say usually IMAP
or at least POP3 with the option "leave messages on the server until
deleted" is being used (on at least one PC) and not all messages
being fetched and deleted from the server as this causes a lot more
trouble. You might consider changing that or switching to IMAP if

If your problem is the getting all mails on one machine just once to
get started, it's probably the easiest way to send them to yourself
and filter them (if it's not many) or copy the mailbox-files (inbox
etc.), renaming them and throwing them into the profile folder of the
other PC. That should integrate the new folder. This will cause
duplicates (if existing) of course in different folders, but it's the
fastest approach. You can then leave them there or move them to
another folder (e.g. inbox, sent, etc.) from within Semonkey very
easily. After that, perform the steps to "leave" messages on the
server on at least one machine mentioned above or switch to IMAP...

Another way to go at it:
        Rename the mail folders on one PC
                (e.g., Inbox => Inbox2, Sent => Sent2, etc.)
        Sync the two machines (differently named folders
                won't overwrite each other)
        Launch SeaMonkey and drag and drop the messages from
                the misnamed folders to the correctly named ones
        Delete the misnamed folders.

More work, but more accurate.

Best practice, methinks, is never to get/send mail from both computers without a sync in between. Use one machine at a time, sync, use the other, sync, etc.

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