horst39 schrieb:
Suddenly I wasn't able to send mail as the SMTP server wanted password
and user ID (SM 1.1.16)
The values I inserted had not been recognized.
Therefore I copied from my backup the *.s and *.w files which are said
to contain the passwords, but it didn't work.
So I copied all files (without subfolders) and now it worked.
Can somebody please tell me which files may contain passwords and user
ID's in order to copy only the relevant files if this problems should
happen again?

You were right about the *. file but I guess you forgot to edit the prefs.js file accordingly.

Importing a Password File

Would you rather just bring your old profile's password file into a new profile? Too many passwords to do one by one? Fear not, you can import your old passwordfile into the new profile with just a few simple steps.

   1. Locate your profile directory, just like above.
2. Again, find the [random string].s file, like in Step 2 above. Write down the filename exactly as it appears.
   3. Copy that file to your new profile's directory.
4. While Mozilla is not running (including Quick Launch), open the prefs.js file in your new profile directory in any text editor. 5. Find the following string in the file using your text editor's Search function:
          * SignonFileName
      You should have found a line that looks like the following:
          * user_pref("signon.SignonFileName", "91453348.s");
6. Change the number in that line to match the number of the filename you wrote down from Step 2.
   7. Save your changes, and exit. You're done.

Now Mozilla will have all your old passwords stored again.

taken from: http://burntelectrons.org/moz/moz-passwords.html

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