On 07/18/2009 01:01 PM, Ant wrote:
> On 7/18/2009 12:42 PM PT, Benoit Renard typed:
>> Paul Hartman wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Ant<phi...@earthlink.netant> wrote:
>>>> Since the problem still exists, is there a way to tell SeaMonkey v1 and
>>>> Firefox v2 to not use JavaScript/JS on these Web sites?
>>> You could use the noscript extension. noscript.net
>> Bad suggestion. NoScript disables JavaScript globally and works with a 
>> whitelist. If one wants to only disable JavaScript for a couple sites 
>> (s)he should use YesScript.
> Ah thanks for the warning. I thought it could white and black list for 
> specific sites/servers. :( Unfortunately, YesScript doesn't do SeaMonkey 
> v1. :(

You can disable javascript with a single click before going to the site.
Works in 1.1.x and 2.0x
It's the first, and one of only a few, that I add as soon as installing
SeaMonkey or FireFox.

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