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I have SeaMonkey 1.1.17 installed, but I can't find an option to block
specific (incoming) email addresses, can any one tell me how to?


I would suggest to create a Filter for that email-address.
Select an email from the address you don't like and open the "Message" menu from the menubar. One entry (probably the last one) offers to create a new filter from that message. Select it, SM will already prefill the first section of the upcoing window. Have a look at the bottom half to select the actions SM should take. You can move the message to a specific folder for example or delete it or delete it via via POP on the server, or mark it as junk, whatever you prefer.
Deleting or deleting via POP is probably what you will like most.

Real blocking (instead of auto-deleting) can only be done on/by the server directly.

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