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> JW 'Yawn' vanLohuizen wrote:
> > Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/
> > 20090717 SeaMonkey/2.0b1
> > I got no email or any folder nor any filters to import in.
> > This is a bust for me since I have many emails and sub-folders and
> > filters
> I had the same results by trying to import from Thunderbird. However, in
> previous alphas I was able to see the import wizard at least once.
> I was suggested checking if I had a previous SM 2.0 profile that doesn't
> triggers the migration wizard, but I hadn't.
> Then I tried this from the command line (on windows Vista):
> <path to SM program folder>\seamonkey.exe -P default -migration
> that should activate the migration wizard, if you have a profile called
> "default", but I still had no luck in seeing the migration wizard.
> And trying the import command from the menu bar does literally nothing.
> I had to migrate by copying manually mbox files and other things.
> Some people migration is without issues and somebody else has indeed
> troubles, so I suppose there's something that triggers a bug and it's
> not evident at once.
> Regards,
> Gianluca
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I did have this problem on every SM2 release.  I have tried to send
this bug to bugzilla on 2 occasions but each time it never completed
the bug post and was lost so I gave up until now.  I had tried a
install migration and then a manual migration but was not successful.

I am using a user created profile for both SM1 and the last couple if
times for SM2 to a custom profile on a different partition.  This time
I just imported from the custom profile to the default location.

I will try creating a new profile and manually importing it again, but
it will take a couple of days as I am in the middle of some things
that are takin up most of my time.

Thank You
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