Samuel S wrote, on 2009-07-30 08:49:
I Am sure this has been asked before and tried searching and could not find the correct search terms...

I Am running SM 2.0a3 on WinXP. I would like to change the order of the seven (7) accounts as currently listed.

What is the procedure to do so?

thank you,


Unfortunately I can only say something on this for SeaMonkey 1.1.17:

I use a couple of extensions, named "Folderpane Tools" and "xSidebar",
which working together provide the functionality you want.

After switching from version 1.1.17 to 2.0 I will check whether this
solution remains valid, but you can do that now if you want and
tell us the result, just in case there is no other way.

Good luck,

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