Martin Feitag wrote:
Martin Feitag schrieb:
Brian Mailman schrieb:
WinXP, SP3 SM 1.1.17

I receive HTML email on occasion.  When I reply to it, the Reply
is always in plain text.  Forwarding is in plain text too.  This
is fine with me, for the megamajority most part.  Now I have
occasion to send an HTML-formatted Forward (it has charts and
schtuff that are important to have intact).

I've looked in Preferences > Mail & Newsgroups and can't find the
switch to turn off plain text in this one instance.

I guess there is no comfortable way of achieving this (at least to
my knowledge). You will need to enter the Mail and Newsgroup
Account preferences (not Preferences => Mail & Newsgroups), select
your account there and enable HTML Composing BEFORE hitting reply. Then answer the email and set it back afterwards. regards


uh yeah, Shift+<action> I always forget about that again. Ignore that
complicated way above ;-)

Mark/Martin... thanks... that worked!

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