MKC wrote:
Barbara Norvell wrote:
All of a sudden, my browser opens when I start my computer. I have looked and looked, but can't find where to change that setting.

Thanks Barb

MAC OS 10.4.11

Preferences/Appearance/"When SeaMonkey starts up, open with......"

You're welcome,


MAC OS 10.5.7 <g>

Actually, if Seamonkey is opening at boot and you don't want it to, look in System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items, and verify that Seamonkey isn't listed there.

If it is, delete it and either reboot or log out/in to verify behavior.

     - Rufus
       Mac OS 10.5.7, Intel iMac, G5 iMac/iSight, G4 Sawtooth
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