Mark Hansen wrote:
On 08/09/09 14:54, Rick Merrill wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 08/09/09 13:57, Rick Merrill wrote:
If you open "View Settings for this account" in Mail&Newsgroups
the "ok" button does not work - it just sits there.  SM 1.1.17
Is it a new problem for 1.1.17? I'm using 1.1.16 on both Linux
and Windows/XP, and it works fine in both.

I don't recall seeing it before. All the functions work, except for the "Ok" button :-) Perhaps I misunderstand what "Ok" means, but I expected the GUI to apply and close. It still closes with the Windows'Close button just fine.

I think you're understanding of the OK button is correct. I don't
have 1.1.17 installed yet, so I can't test that version specifically.
Perhaps you could create a new profile and test it there, just to
make sure it's not a profile problem?

Best Regards,

It was a Curious Thing, but not enough of a Problem Case... but a profile is a possibility.

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