NoOp wrote:
On 08/11/2009 04:30 PM, chicagofan wrote:
Is there any chance SM will ever have a message filter in the
future, that will block crossposting, as we could with the old
Netscape programs? Or is there an add on that will do that, like
Fix News did for Netscape?

Some newsgroups are just impossible to keep up with, because of
spammers cross posting, and constantly changing their addresses.
Of course it's always worse in the summer, when all the kiddies
have too much time on their hands.  :) bj

2.0 provides filtering by headers, so it's relatively easy to filter
any crossposted post. Just filter on:

Newsgroup contains ,

2.o has a new "Header" option for Newsgroups? [My version 1.1.14, only has the
option of filtering on Subject, From, and Date.]

If it blocks cross posting with a comma filter under a "header" option , I'll update my suite today! :)

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