On 08/12/2009 06:03 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 08/12/2009 05:47 PM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
>> chicagofan wrote:
>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>> Download & install. It shouldn't affect your 1.1.x installation.
>>> Thanks for this re-post, and I'm trusting you, that it's going to
>>> install separately. ;)
>> Just take care to install it into a different folder than 1.1.x if you 
>> want to use both.
>> Robert Kaiser
> Ah. Good catch - Thanks!
> @chicagofan: I recommend installing to C:\Program Files\Seamonkey2
> But if you'd like to wait for a few moments I'll fire up a WinXP machine
> and provide you with the exact steps.

Sorry it took awhile... I forgot Windows needs to first install a
bazillion updates, then reboot, then do some more., etc.


I'll modify the Windows instructions slightly - my
modifications/comments are prefaced by "NoOp:":

Windows Installation Instructions

For Windows 2000/XP systems, you need Administrator privileges to
install SeaMonkey. If you see an "Error 5" message during installation,
make sure you're running the installation with Administrator privileges.

To install SeaMonkey by downloading the SeaMonkey installer

NoOp: link is: http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/2.0b1

, follow these steps:

   1. Click the link to seamonkey-2.xx.en-US.win32.installer.exe (or
similar file name) on the site you're downloading SeaMonkey from to
download the installer file to your machine.

NoOp: The file is 'SeaMonkey Setup 2.0 Beta 1.exe' - why the mozilla
folks decided to use this naming convention with spaces in it is beyond
me... Further, the reference to the above
"seamonkey-2.xx.en-US.win32.installer.exe" is wrong.
  Before proceeding: right click your SeaMonkey icon on your desktop and
rename to 'SeaMonkey 1.x' so that you later can bring up SM 1.1.x easily.

   2. Navigate to where you downloaded the file and double-click the
installer file icon on your machine to begin the Setup program.


- SeaMonkey Setup Wizard
  - Next
- Click the 'I accept the terms in this License Agreement' (you might
want to read them first... by accepting you agree to allow Mozilla to
use your children for development purposes.
  - Next
- Setup Type
  - Click Custom
  - Next
- Choose Optional Components (leave everything checked)
  - Next
- Choose Install Location
  - Change C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\ to
     C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey2\
Note: the default of C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\ should be fine if your
old installation is located in C:\Program Files\mozilla but changing to
C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey2\ will ensure that your install folder is
different & won't interfere with 1.1.x.

- Set Up Shortcuts
  - Next
- Choose Start Menu Folder
  - Change from 'SeaMonkey' to 'SeaMonkey2' [1]
  - Next
- Summary
  - Install
- Completing...
  - Finish (leave 'Launch SeaMonkey now' checked'

SeaMonkey will start.

- Click Help|About SeaMonkey - and verify that the window shows version
- Click the 'mail' icon in the lower left panel.
Verify that your mail/news profiles from 1.1.x have been imported and
are intact.

- Exit SeaMonkey.
- Right click the new SeaMonkey icon on the desktop and rename it
'SeaMonkey2': Properties|General|SeaMonkey2. This helps to identify
between SeaMonkey 1.x and SeaMonkey2. Do the same for the SeaMonkey icon
in the quick start panel.

Now you can click on either the 1.1x icon or the 2x icon and launch
either 1.1.x or 2.0x.

Normally to launch both at the same time you will need to do the following:
Right click the SeaMonkey icons, select Properties and in 'Target' add
at the end of the line where it shows 'seamonkey.exe"': -noremote
and then click 'Apply' and then 'OK. So it will read:
C:\....\seamonkey.exe" -noremote

  Be sure to do it for both the SM2 and SM1 icons.
That last doesn't seem to be working for me on the WinXP test system;
works on linux to I'll need to test more tomorrow. However, the above
will allow you to run either or for now.



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