Norvin wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Norvin schrieb:
Recently when I try to print an email and I hit 'print' and then I get
the small screen asking how many copies, etc, I hit the 'OK' and it
would print. Now for some reason (?) after I hit the 'print' I get the
screen but it is in the lower right section of the email screen and the
'OK' button is not in sight and I have to raise the print screen to get
to the ok button. Not a big problem for me but the wife is not
understanding why it is not working like it use to, and I guess I am to.
Any suggestions on how to move it back into the middle of the monitor to
make life easier for my wife.

Try to delete the file localstore.rdf in your profile*, SM will forget
about all window-positions then. Rearrange all windows as needed afterwards.



Martin, thank you very much for your suggestion on the file 'localstore.rdf'. I took your suggestion one step further. I
found the file, did a 'edit/find' on print and found some instructions
defining a 'X and Y' coordinate. I experimented with the numbers and I
ended up with moving the print screen to the middle of my monitor. Yes, I did make a copy of the file before I edited.
Thanks again, especially from my wife.

Holy Mackerel!
A user not only capable of understanding instructions, but able to think things thru under trying circumstances.
Thanks for lifting encroaching despair, Norvin!
There _are_ still those in our world worth guiding!  <g>  Good man!

keith whaley
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