Daniel wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Hartmut Figge wrote:

I'm using SM 2.0a1....Is anyone out there using a later version and
still having this problem??

I'm having it with 2.0b1 unfortunately. Have to click back and forth several times between choices, before addresses will appear for Personal Address Book.

Look at my header. ;)

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O.K., just in your first reply, you mentioned "Nightlies", so I wasn't
sure about it being in another release!!

I'll have to start up my computer (MandrivaLinux) to get the bugzilla
address and my password, so will be a couple of days, maybe

Comment added to Bug 460550

I added a comment to that Bug too, although it was begun for 2.0a1, since no one is working on it. :(
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