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A link opens in SeaMonkey browser, not in Firefox
I looked in preferences and didn't find an option how to change this.
Is there some 'code' to put in prefs.js?
Or is a plugin needed?
Gert Klaus Hafenbrack and Jens Haftak,

I ask the question for someone else.
Personaly I can agree with you, but in a free computing environment, such a thing to use another browser should be possible, otherwise SeaMonkey is becoming like propriatory behavior like Microsoft. We don't want that, I suppose.

I respond a lot to questions in forums as well and my first objective is to see if there is an answer to the question, in spite I don't share always the view of the original poster.

Altho being seldom in Window, I made FireFox the default browser and clicked on a link in SeaMonkey mail (with the navigator closed) and the link didn't open in FireFox but in SeaMonkey instead.

So same behaviar as in Linux (btw it's Puppylinux which is used)

So the question remains:
- Is there a possibility to open a link in the default browser, being FireFox here and if yes how is it done?

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