On or about 8/17/2009 10:39 AM, Ant typed the following:
> Is anyone else having this problem too? Flash v10.0 r32 loads, but no
> datas show up after that.
> Examples: http://www.trillian.im/users/vedran and
> http://www.trillian.im/users/antdude ...
> Both showed nothing in both Mozilla's SeaMonkey v1.1.17 and Firefox
> v2.0.0.20. No problems in Internet Explorer v6.0 SP2.
> Thank you in advance. :)

Yes, Flash loads and then the message 'Transferring data from....."
appears but no indication on modem of data transfer.  Just seems to hang
up with a blue screen in the window (dark blue on top to light blue on
the bottom).  Running SM 1.1.17, Windows XP SP-3, with FiOS internet


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