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On 08/17/09 04:26, nr wrote:
I have various folders set up in my mail accounts and was wondering if
there is any way to change their order.  For example, I'd like a
folder named Inbox-abc to directly follow the Inbox folder, but I
cannot find a 'move' option, unless I move it into the Inbox folder.

I'm looking for the same functionality as in the Bookmarks management.

Thanks for any info.

I think the mail folders are simply shown in alphabetic order. When
I want certain folders to appear at the top/bottom of the list, I
just precede the folder name with a character which sorts where I
want it. For example, an underscore, or a tilde, etc.

Yes, but there are a couple of exceptions: Inbox, Unsent Messages, Drafts, Templates, Sent, Junk, Trash are promoted above all others, and always appear in that order. The alphabetic list follows.

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