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JAS wrote:
I currently have Sm 1.1.4 on my laptop running Win XP and would like to
try the SM 2 but want to keep my current SM installation. How is this
done without endangering my current current profile. Thanks

Just care to install the 2.0b1 into a different application directory so that you don't overwrite the 1.1.x installation (you should really upgrade that one to the upcoming 1.1.18 though, there are a number of serious known security problems with 1.1.4). At first start, 2.0b1 will offer you to migrate your profile, and it doesn't touch the old profile for that, it just copies any info it can use from the old profile and places that into the new one.

So, to summarize, your current profile is never in danger with the 2.0b1 version, it copies any information from there to its own, new profile if you select to migrate. What can be in danger is the 1.1.x application installation itself, as both install in the same location by default - if you want to use them in parallel, remember to select a different location in the installer.

Robert Kaiser
Thanks to everyone on this, yes I do need to update the 1.1.4 but several of the extensions I have Might not work in 1.1.18. Are you talking about the C:\Documents and Settings\James Skinner\Application Data\Mozilla or the C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\SeaMonkey ?

I think all your extensions in 1.1.14 will work with 1.1.18. Just be sure to choose "skip" during the installation processus when SM installer offers to check compatibility.
John Doue
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