Martin Freitag wrote:
sharon schrieb:
Installed SeaMonkey today with few problems but there are a couple of
add ons I'd like to install: AdBlock Plus error message install script
not found; Down Them All, same error message.

You have to read properly which versions are supported ;-)
Have a look here:
For Seamonkey 1.1.x you need to take AdBlockPlus 1.0.2

If you want to use ABP1.1.1 you can test Seamonkey 2.0 Beta1
It's very stable for a beta-version and won't touch your SM1 if you
install it to a separate directory. Your profile will be copied/migrated
to another directory as well on the first start.

It may be just the same with DownThemAll.

This is due to heavy changes in the AddOn-System.

Also, I can't find where to check what add ons are installed unless I'm
missing something.  Thanks for any help.

The build-in AddOn-Manager only exists in SM2.
For SM1 you can use something like the Extension Manager:


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