W98se, SM 1.1.14
How do I set/change the font size (and the [default] encoding)
for the fonts which are used to display the accounts and folders,
and also in the panel that displays the mail message or news
articles Subject: lines ?
All of a sudden the printing, i.e. the font sizes in these
panels has shrunk and become almost impossible to read, But I
certainly don't want to change  my screen to a lower resolution.
i.e. I badly need to increase the font sizes!
Also for news, in some newsgroups e.g. ukr.politics, the article Subject: lines, are not encoded as ISO-8859-1 and don't have
the magic cookies to switch in the proper translations.
So I'm wondering how to set the default translation for displaying
these Subject: lines to some other encoding, e.g. windows-1251,
or KOI8-U (or actually to be able to switch these on the fly,
would be even better).
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