Users of Thunderbird and related products (Calendar, Seamonkey ...)

We are on the verge of having builds that will become Thunderbird 3.0b4.
Before we can release it to a wider audience we need these builds to be
tested by some users. As usual we are going to use litmus.This time to
make sure that we get as much coverage as possible I would like people
to sign up for the effort. This means giving this week  one hour of your
time to test builds of thunderbird 3.0b4.  The idea is that I will tell
you what areas you'll need to test. You'll get a very focused test area,
and only need to spend an hour. Thunderbird gets better coverage and
ends up being of higher quality because it's more widely tested.

*If you want to participate in this effort please send me a email asap
with your OS of choice for testing and and whether you are a POP, IMAP,
or RSS user.

*If you want to feel free, and not have someone telling you what to test
- please still join our testing effort :-) I will make another
announcement here when the builds are ready and the tests can be run.

*For those who wish to opt-in the effort I'll send an individual email
with instructions.
In the meanwhile, if you don't have an account on,
consider creating one.If you don't have an account on, please create one so you can report bugs there.

Ludovic for the Thunderbird Quality Assurance Effort
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