On 15.09.2009 11:24, Michael Schmalzl wrote:
> Hello,
> i have installed Seamonkey 2.0 Beta 2. When i will send a message it 
> always to appear a error. The error is: Error by
> sending the message: password for mail.gmx.net isn't available.

Ja, this was an really bad typo in the translation-files for de-Versions.

There is an Thread about this problem in the german Newsgroup

started from Stefan Blumenrath with:
<h8i9nn$b4u$0...@news.t-online.com> and KaiRos comment about the Error
and Fix in:

You can take a look into the fix at:

If you don't like to fix the Typo in the "?/seamonkey/chrome/de.jar"
using 7zip (or something similar like Total Commander, WinRar etc.) by
yourself, you can use an current de-Nightly-Build with KaiRos fix.

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