chicagofan wrote:
chicagofan wrote:
My preference is set for as the browser home page, with their
selections for Images, etc., in a tool bar and a search window.  What I am
getting is a blank page.

I thought maybe if I re-set the preferences it might straighten out, but
that didn't change anything.  Is it because I'm giving feedback to the SM
project? TIA.... bj

Forgot to say, SM automatically updated this a.m. from 2.0b1 to 2.0b2... so I
wondered if this change was intentional, or there is something wrong with my
individual configuration.

Can I be the the only one this has happened to? I've tried re-setting with the Current Page option, but nothing works. It shows my choice as, but it gives a blank page.

I'll let this go for now, and get back to the "mark messages" problem in mail and news. That is a MUCH bigger problem. :)

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