David E. Ross wrote:
On 9/17/2009 7:53 AM, Samuel S wrote:
I have a desk top with Win XP Pro with SM 2.0b2 on which Agent switcher
is not compatible, and my laptop with Vista Business with SM 1.1.18. I
find that Agent Switcher on the laptop no longer operates when opening
the following website: http://dukeandthedoctor.com/listen.html from
which I can listen to the "Listen Live Online".

I have tried researching this to no avail, at the moment and Am
appealing to my esteemed techie and gurus (yes looking for points and
help!) to assist me in this quest.

I do not know how to correctly update the agent switcher for SM 1.1.18
after finding the web site for this, if in fact that is required for SM


Bo1953 lost without my streaming for now...

Effectively, this is an IE-only site.  You need the IE Tab extension.
For details, go to the page you cited and select the "Listen Live
Online" graphic.  On that page, select "Need Help?" at the top-right.
You will see a FAQ addressing your problem.


Thank you for responding. Sorry it was not clear, I have done that as such was my reference to agent switcher. I did have IE tabs and they no longer work. I Am wondering if anyone can assist in this area as I Am lost as to how to get it to operate now.

Thank you all again for your invaluable assistance on SM in all of its' versions and incarnations..

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