Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/22/09 10:08, Tom Pamin wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/22/09 09:26, Tom Pamin wrote:
I installed Seamonkey on a new PC, and I have no Sent folder in my email. If I create one, sent messages are not saved to it. How can I get Seamonkey to create a Sent folder, and then save messages to it?
First, verify the settings on your e-mail account. In Mail & Newsgroup
Account Settings, look at the 'Copies & Folders' page (under your account
in the tree view). You should have selected "Place a copy in:". Then
make sure that under that, you have selected "Sent" Folder on:, then
select your account (or Local Folders as the case may be for your setup).

To the best of my recollection, it will create a Sent folder once one
is needed, so if these are not set up properly, one won't be created
where you expect it.

Best Regards,
I copied over my Sent folder, and the 2 sent files from my other PC. Now the Sent folder at least shows up in the list. But the messages are still not being saved to it.

I find what's happening is the when I go to Copies and Folders, and choose the option to have the messages saved in Sent, the settings don't stay once I click OK. So no folder can be chosen, since the settings don't hold. How do I fix this?

I don't know. My first thought is there is a problem with the profile.
To test this, you can create a test profile and see if the settings
work when using it.

Assuming the test profile works, then you can either migrate all of
your stuff to that profile and delete the original, or determine
what's wrong with the original and fix it.

Perhaps someone else has hit this problem before and knows what to
do without having to create a test profile?

Best Regards,
Just solved it. I had previously removed Local Folders, since I have no use for them. They were still listed in my prefs file though. I just deleted those references and replaced it with my email server name, and all is well now.

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