Richard Owlett wrote:
Lee wrote:
Keith Whaley wrote:

You're not alone in that experience.

SM 1.1.17 wasn't like that.

On the other hand, I have just moved to Mac OS 10.6.1, so I don't know if there might be some minor incompatability thing going on.I suppose in time that will be addressed...

As a slight (but related?) aside Firefox 3.5.2 is displaying web site window glitches it never displayed before, too...

Hi Keith

Thanks for the feedback, I will assume that the minor problem
will be rectified in future versions.  BTW I am running Vista on
my machine so it is doing it on 2 different OS.  I can live
with it but it is frustrating to have to wait on each item in
a newsgroup even though it is not very long and when you are
used to it being speedy the slowdown is noticeable.  Funny
how things have changed and we now a days are so impatient!~

Lee (in Florida)

And I remember fast being 300 Baud, high speed paper tape, and memory with micro-second cycle time ;)

As do I.
In fact, when I got a setup capable of 9600 baud, I even took out a new address: keith9...@...! That was FLYING! :-D

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