Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
Keith Whaley wrote:

I recently changed to SM 1.1.18, and in my left hand window, where the various account folders are displayed, I had folder name, Total messages and Unread messages laid out such as:

Folder Title  Unread   Total
  Inbox        33        566

All of a sudden, I have:

Folder Title   Total
  Inbox(33)     566

- where the current unread message count is up against the folder title, in parentheses.

That scheme is still readable, and I've no objections to the change, except, why DID it change? I've been operating SM 1.1.18 since the day it was released, and now a month later, it decides to display things differently, seemingly arbitrarily.

At the top of the column where your folders are listed, you may notice the column heading "Name," and to the right of that a little icon. If you click the icon, you can toggle on/off the columns Unread, Total, and Size. If you enable Unread, you'll get the old-style numbers in their own column.

So the answer is that somewhere along the way I had inadvertently toggled that icon. Amazingly simple.

Thanks for that, Paul


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