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My son and I are having the same problem using Seamonkey with Facebook.

We are using two separate computers so we doubt the issue is not

computer related.

On the Facebook "home" page there is a block that says "What's on your

mind."  Neither one of us can type anything in that space?!  However,

if we use IE we can type text with no problem.

Any thoughts as to what would be causing this problem?


This just came up a few days ago. Have a look at this new article:
                                                        ^^^ Oops
I meant News Article :-(


It was titled "Facebook problems" and was posted on 09/15/09.


Thanks for the reply. It's good to know that we're not the only ones having that problem. I guess we'll just change the UA for now.


Read the threads in the 9-15 post about spoofing for Facebook.
It works for me but only the first two and last two lines in the box are viewable during writing.
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